A Network of Sports Team Networks


DSN offers a brand-safe platform to reach Cord Nevers, Cord Cutters, and Cord Shavers with video commercials.

We’ve partnered with NASCAR and teams from the NFL, NHL, & MLS to bring fans hundreds of channels from their favorite sports entertainment brands – all On Demand.


Our massive video library of both short & long-form programming includes TV shows, game/race highlights, interviews, recaps, analysis, behind-the-scenes, scouting combine, draft coverage, chalk talks, racing pits, etc.

Your commercials are integrated into a premium video experience with highly engaged viewers.


AT&T, Havas, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Volkswagen, and several other major brands (and their media buyers) have recently stopped buying video ads on YouTube and Facebook after discovering their video commercials running inside patently offensive content.

At DSN, our entire library is exclusively provided by nationally-recognized sports entertainment brands – ensuring ads on our network run inside premium content, every time.

Get Seen

Ad Blocker-Proof
Unlike Hulu, YouTube, et al., ad blockers don’t work on DSN platforms.

100% Viewability
DSN’s platforms only run ads when the video player is 100% visible.

Unskippable Ads
Fast-forwarding disabled during ad playback.

Better ROI

Eliminate Ad Fraud
10% of programmatic ad buys are fraudulent – go direct.

Restricted Ad Loads
Sub-10% ad loads; lowest of any premium network.

100% Ad Completion
No completion, no charge.


Young Males
74% between 12-34 years old; 91% male.

1.2 mm viewers; 3.7 hours/month

Coming to a TV near you
DSN will be available on 1 billion connected TV’s by 2020.


Steven Spear
VP, Operations